Marker Workout (OK)

This morning, we had a late breakfast, and instead of working out, I had a lazy morning. We had lunch in town with some old friends. Then there was a small thing to fix around the house, so it was after 4pm when I changed to rowing gear and went to my erg basement.

The workout of the day was a 4x2km, but I didn’t look up any recent results for this workout. I did a 2km warming up and decided to row this workout as if I was rowing 2km segments of a hard 10km:

  • Focus on rhythm and technique
  • Don’t go too low with Stroke Rate – keep the stroke light
  • Work from a base pace of 1:53 per 500m, go faster only when doing it respecting the previous two bullet points
  • in the first three intervals, a set of 10 hard strokes at the half way point
  • Accelerate and empty the tank in the final interval

After the workout, I scrolled through the PM history to find the last 4x2km. This was the result:
Concept2 PM

Today’s workout was executed exactly according to the plan. No drama, except that the final 300m were really hard.

PM Concept2

And here is how that looks in a chart:

rowing chart

I also looked at a few charts to check if I really was a consistent in rhythm and technique as it felt during the row. I had most difficulty to get into the rhythm at the start of each interval, where pace was oscillating between 1:54 and 1:52. The other hard part was around 1100m to go. Here are the charts: