Sometimes it is tough


First, we spent an hour bringing in the dock for winter storage. As the lake’s water level lowers, our dock comes to rest on stands that we have built, concrete structures with a car tire on top. Like that, it would survive the entire winter, if random people wouldn’t feel attracted to use it as a trampoline.

The lake I see covered with a thin layer of ice. A few cm.

We need about 10 people ideally to do this, but there were only six of us. Only the Masters showed up. The Juniors and the Elite didn’t bother. So it was a pretty hard strength workout. After that, I retreated to the club’s erg room to do a very light steady state workout. A little under an hour at 2:05 to 2:08 pace.

Sunday – Christmas Eve

The biggest holiday in the Czech Republic. First thing in the morning, Romana and I headed to the shop to get fresh fish and seafood. Then we made a stop at the swimming Stadium. I did 2km. Romana outswam me by a lot, but what do you expect from somebody who in her youth held a regional record.

The rest of the day went by in traditional fashion with lots of food, lots of presents, and too much alcohol.


Happy Christmas! And time for another ranking distance. The 30 minute.

I did this one before lunch, in the only time slot available. The CP chart suggested 224W as a lower limit and 240W as the upper limit. I wanted to at least row faster than my 10k of 3 days ago, but a few strokes into the row I realized that even that was going to be hard. I decided to row flat, between 225 and 230W, count down 3 minute intervals and hang on as long as possible.

Such rows on bad days are harder than the PB or SB rows on good days!

rowing workout chart

Workout Summary - media/20171225-1121090o.csv
Workout Details

We had a simple leftover lunch. Pasta sprinkled with black truffle.

Now we’re off to get some fresh air. We’ve chosen this destination, a chateau 25 minuted where we live:

Lysice Chateau