Friday: Steady State and some stats

I succeeded in getting home from work early enough to get in a workout before dinner. Dialed up a standard 20 minute interval at one minute rest. I was afraid that doing this as a “Just Row” would tempt me to stop somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes in. With the intervals, I always feel obliged to finish the interval, so that would guarantee that I would row at least 60 minutes.

I did finish all the intervals, and I did it at a better power than I had expected. I concluded that I am back at the level of 2 seasons ago, where I did all my steady state between 195 and 200W.

Workout Summary - media/20171215-1615300o.csv
Workout Details

The statistics on

rPower 196.1W
HR drift 9.8%
rScore 77

rPower is the normalized power, which is an interesting metric. It basically says that the 3 minutes of rest, which brought down the overall average power to 193W, can be ignored, and the workout is virtually equivalent of rowing 63 minutes without breaks at 196W.

Heart Rate drift slightly higher than normal. Normally, I am in the 5-7% range. It may have been just an artefact of me slacking down on power in the final three minutes.

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