Monday – intervals in the double


Instead of rowing, my son and I took the train to Vlkov, taking the bikes. We then cycled back to Brno, about 45km. It was a great ride. I am planning to do another such ride this weekend. My son is now big enough to ride 45km without big problems or complaining. Of course, I carefully selected a course that is mostly down hill, has nice pubs along the way, and is exciting (riding through rivers).

IMG 1505

Here is a picture from the web that gives you an impression of the fun part:


I picked up Vojtech at the station and we drove to the rowing club. The training we planned to do was intervals of 6 minutes at three minutes rest. Each interval was 3 min @ 26spm, 2 min @ 30 spm, 1 min @ 34 spm.

We managed 5 of those intervals, but we weren’t entirely happy about the session. In the double, 30spm should feel like you want more.

bokeh plot (18)


bokeh plot (17)


bokeh plot (16)


We did the workout in two pieces. Because I didn’t know how many of those intervals we would manage, I first programmed the SpeedCoach to do 3 of them, and then I added two more. That enabled me to do comparisons between sets 1-3 and sets 4 and 5. In the fourth set, we almost bumped into a police motor boat that should have given us right of way. I shouted something ugly at the police guys, and when we continued the row, that was the best part of the entire session.

There was a nasty cross wind, and Vojta had to turn around a lot to make sure we didn’t bump into any paddle boats, swimmers, or other people who are unaware of the traffic rules.


No training. I agreed with the head coach that he would repair my single on Tuesday, and I decided to make that day my rest day, to give the glue and filler time to dry.

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