Chattahoochee! Take two

After a long Monday working day in our office in Midtown Atlanta, I drove to the Atlanta rowing club, which turned out to take more than an hour because of traffic. 

It had been raining all day and it was hot and humid. The Chattahoochee river water level was even lower than on Sunday. 

With M, I took a Hudson double, which I stroked, because I didn’t want to steer with all the shallow places. We ended up scraping the bottom a fee times. Also, I got a shock every time my blade hit the bottom of the river. I guess I am digging a little deep with my blades.

We did 2x2km at 24spm. The stroke rate was estimated. I really don’t have much data for this row. Forgot my hesrt rate belt, so GPS only. At leadt I could measure distance. It was hard work. The boat was rigged very heavy and because of our height difference, M and I weren’t really pulling together. That made the 2k hard. 

On the second 2k we were chased by a single, but he took shorter routes through the turns, while we tried to stay in the deeper channel. With the 2k intervals done, I finally relaxed and we just did gentle rowing at an estimated 18spm. 

It was a great row. Very friendly people at ARC and I am grateful I got my row in, got to know them, and exercised on a nice, albeit shallow river.

This morning I received following drone photos from our race in the eight. I am 2 seat in the winning boat.

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