Friday morning – Rowing Nirvana

A 6:30 AM row before work. Steady state. Through the gorge/canyon, towards the castle and beyond. Steady state, playing with technique and rates 18, 20 and 22spm. I am also playing with Kinomap which is an app to sync video with your ergometer rowing. Potentially interesting to spice up boring OTE steady state rows coming winter.

Kinomap syncs with Strava and adds the map of your virtual row to Strava. Not sure if you also compete on the real segments. That would be  a little unfair, because OTE you go a lot faster than on the water. Kinomap also exports basic data as ErgData does (stroke rate, distance, time, pace, power) so I will probably make a filter so people can use Kinomap data on

I made two videos, a short Warming Up and a long one of 48 minutes that I called Bird Song. Feel free to use them on your erg. I turned the GoPro around so that you have the same view as the rower (although from a slightly lower point of view). Here is a short preview. I have added canned bird song, because the GoPro was unable to capture the tweeting concert from the forest. There sure was a lot going on on that forest’s Twitter accounts:

And here is an accelerated run through the entire 48 minutes row. It takes only 12 minutes. The 48 minutes one is a great calming, hypnotizing video, though. I can look at the puddles forever.

Can you imagine how energized I arrive at the office after spending 80 minutes in such an environment?

The row itself was almost identical to the one on Thursday, although slightly shorter. The graph only shows the 48 minutes “middle” part. I recorded warming up and cooling down to different SpeedCoach sessions.

And a few box plots to compare Friday’s session with comparable sessions of the past months:

Pretty happy with the rowing.

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