Wednesday – High Rating Eight

Out in the eight again. I felt guilty for arriving 5 minutes late, but one guy came an hour late. So it was a short training.

myimage (15)

This plot is a merger of Garmin data (heart rate, GPS location) with stroke rate and pace from the SpeedCoach.

We did a couple of 30 second intervals with 1 minute rest. Four of them in tailwind, from a rolling start, and four of them in headwind. We also did a race start plus 30 seconds.

bokeh plot (75)


We were almost able to hit the prescribed stroke rates (34, 36, 38 and 40 in each series) and the paces were nice. Sweep rowing is nice for a change. A simple short stroke. Just one oar to hold on to. Much less complicated than sculling. I also enjoyed going at much faster paces than in the single.

Our strokes fall apart slightly in the last part of the recovery, just before the catch. For the rest it is fine. If the entire crew were fit, we would be a contender for the win. The problem is that half of the crew thinks they have to pull holes in the water, so they will waste all their energy on the first 300m, creating enormous puddles. After that, we will be in survival mode.

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