February CTC (10×90″/30″)

Well, that was painful.

Workout Summary - media/20170222-2000230o.csv
Workout Details

The training plan called for a 50 minute gentle run. I came home very late and had 4 performance reviews today, one of which was a very tough one.

Also, I wanted to get the CTC out of the way, and with a 2km warming up and a 2km cooling down, it would be a short workout.

Short but painful. I aimed for 1:49 pace. The 30 second “rest” is just enough to make you go harder than if you would row this without breaks, and you pay for it after 3 or 4 intervals.

A bunch of stroke metric plots:

And here is the correlations table:

You can see the strong negative correlation of stroke rate and average/peak force ratio. I would also like to point out the strong positive correlation between Work per Stroke and stroke length. A fact we all know but forget as soon as we sit down on the erg.

Finally, a few cumulative statistics. I am building the map of New Zealand by plotting power vs stroke rate. Stroke Force Ratio is pretty constant across stroke rates. 

You can also see that in the past 10 days I have done a bit more speed work, compared to the past year.

I nearly fainted after completing the workout. This is a real hard one, especially on a day with a few performance reviews.

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