Team workout

Armed with my iphone connection kit and a 30-pin to firelight (or firewire or wirefire, whatever), I took to the rowing club. I want to get into the habit of doing one or two sessions per week with the other Masters rowers. It is good to train with others.

It is also unusual. The erg room is hot and sweaty, not like my gloomy but nicely cool rowing cave. There is other music. But mostly, you are rowing next to other guys and there is the peaking on each other’s PM’s factor.

Today’s training was 3x15min/4min with the 15min at 20spm, but every fifth minute at 24spm. We rowed in sync.

Workout Summary - media/20170221-1825230o.csv
Workout Details

The plots are a bit weird. I was hesitating if I would add a fourth interval or not. In the end I couldn’t convince Martin (gasping for air) and Tomas to do it, but I did a few strokes into a fourth interval. Painsled didn’t like that really.

I also discovered that the PM3 doesn’t send the cool metrics like drive force and drive length over the USB connection. Messes up the stats.

As I don’t have a Polar heart rate connector, I recorded my heart rate separately on the Garmin Forerunner. Quite high heart rates. I didn’t much like this workout. Too low stroke rate for me.

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