We have a 2k erg race in two days, so today’s workout was a light one.

3km warming up, 

2x500m / 5min rest at 2k race pace

250m full out

10 km in total 

I changed the 5 minutes rest to 1000m rest to make it easier to row as a “Just Row”.

Workout Summary - media/20170216-1940200o.csv
Workout Details

My pace and stroke rate was all over the place in the first 200m of the first 500m. The entire second 500m was much more regular and consistent. A nice light stroke at 30spm. That’s how I like it. I am not sure about the significance of the 250m, but I think that it is a way to tell the body that serious work is coming soon.

The flex charts. In the final 3km I was rowing a bit shorter than normal. I was very focused on technique, still having the recommendations from my video analysis in mind.

I didn’t train yesterday. I had to travel to Prague to visit the Dutch Embassy to arrange my urgent passport renewal for an upcoming trip to the USA.

During that trip, I received a phone call from our club’s head coach. Our elite rowers have spent a week in Italy. The club borrowed my trailer to get their boats to Prague, from where they traveled to Italy on the National Team’s trailer.

I had instructed the driver to take my trailer back to Brno, and then take it to Prague again to pick up the returned boats. Against my instructions, they had decided it was more efficient to leave my trailer parked in a hangar on the Dukla club, where the national team trains.

During the training camp, Dukla underwent a reconstruction, and they had to move my trailer, which was locked. Instead of pushing it to another place by hand, the Dukla guys decided to break the lock and tow it.

So I have my trailer back with a broken lock. I told our head coach that he has to get it repaired by the original manufacturer of my trailer, and that it is his problem how he gets it paid by the Dukla guys.

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