Mixed Vegetables – only healthy stuff

A new week, a new email with a training plan. I guess that in the lead-up to the National Indoor Rowing Championships (coming Saturday) this is another light week, because the training plan called for 30 minutes or running.

When I am done with work, it is dark. Too dark to run, especially on snow and ice. So I did it on the erg.

Also, I wanted a confidence builder for Saturday’s race, so I figured that if 30 minutes of steady state is healthy, adding a nice and spicy 1500m at race pace wouldn’t hurt.

Also, I wanted to test a Variable Intervals workout on Painsled. I am working through some Painsled bugs with the developer.

Anyway, here is the summary:

Workout Summary - media/20170213-200557-sled_2017-02-13T19-39-36ZGMT+1.strokes.csv
Workout Details
01|00250|00:53.1|01:46.3|292.3|30.5|148.0|168.0|09.3 - 2k test
06|00250|00:53.0|01:46.1|302.5|30.9|180.8|181.0|09.2 - 2k test 1500 done
07|00250|01:30.4|03:00.9|064.3|19.0|164.5|180.0|08.7 - rest
08|00250|00:50.3|01:40.5|332.1|33.6|165.4|172.0|08.9 - final 250m

Here are the plots:

Pie charts:

And the flex charts:

I did the first 30 minutes as a Fletcher style warming up, but lightened up on the 18spm bits in anticipation for the 2k.

I paced the 2k in Caviston style: 800m @ 1:46, 600m @ 1:45, and then on to 1:44. Here’s a close up on pace for the 2k:

I stopped with 500m to go. Paddled 250m. Then changed my mind and blasted out a final 250m.

Good enough to build confidence that I should go around 7:00 on Saturday. For the rest of the week I will be a nice boy and stick to the training plan.

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