Two times 30 minutes a day keeps the doctor away

Maybe it does. But not the ophthalmologist.

I had noticed that I had difficulties reading the small print, especially after a long day and in bad light, so I visited her a week ago, literally for the first time in my life. She measured my eyes and confirmed my suspicion. +0.75 on both eyes.

Today I got a message from the optician that I could pick up my reading glasses. I guess I may finally start to look intelligent. Perhaps I should a picture of myself on my rowing data site and change the slogan to “Recommended by the leading rowing data miners”. :-/

Anyway, because I had to go to town to pick up my glasses and run some other errands, I came home early, and managed to squeeze in a 2x30min Steady State session before dinner.

A bit lower on power than yesterday, but about the same on the Borg scale of perceived exertion. Probably the result of going a bit harder yesterday. It’s a fine balance with these steady state rows.

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