Tuesday: 60 minutes Steady State

Today the schedule asked for 60 minutes of steady state and I decided to do it as a just row with no breaks, and do Wolverine Plan L4 style rate changes to kill the time.

I was also listening to Glitch, a Dutch language podcast:

Gitch is an unpredictable podcast on conceived matters. With hands-on guests from the world of design, media and technology. We discuss the magic of making: fundamental doubts and straightforward convictions. Always at the sharp interface of man and machine.

Glitch: smart insights from real people. 100% cheese-talking-marketers free.

I found out that during Steady State it helps if the podcast is in my native language. It takes just slightly less effort to row and focus on the stroke rate and Watts, and listen at the same time.

Time went by surprisingly quickly.


I took it slightly easier than yesterday, especially in the beginning:

Workout Summary - media/20161018-192655-sled_2016-10-18T19-45-37ZGMT+2.strokes.csv
Workout Details


I have been fiddling with the interval statistics on rowsandall.com. The intervals are better now, but the Pie chart has the wrong numbers. The percentages are right, though. Will look at the pie chart tomorrow.

Lactate measurement after 60 minutes of easy L4: 1.1 mmol/L.


This plit shows the Work per Stroke for the entire session, as a function of stroke rate. You can see three groups of data points (each point is one stroke). The 24spm efforts are a fourth, smaller group. So for 18spm (more like 19) 20spm (more like 20.5spm) and 22spm, Work per Stroke is roughly constant between 550 and 600 J. For the 24spm, it is higher, clearly above 600J. I didn’t feel the 1 minute intervals at 24spm as particularly heavy, but I guess I was subconsciously comparing them to the harder strokes at the lower rates, i.e. the top parts of the stroke blobs on the chart.

Here is the power histogram for the row.


I have been taking more erg strokes in the past 2 weeks, so I start to have a good data set. Here is the stroke blob for the past month:



Tomorrow: The October CTC, a hard 10k row.

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