OTW session reduced to 30 minutes and some more Power Based Training considerations

I couldn’t row in the morning, and I couldn’t leave work early.

So I arrived at the rowing club around 5:30pm. It was a very hot day and the lake looked gorgeous. Colorful sails from a sailing race that was ongoing, and many many paddle boards and pedal boats and swimmers and … The paddle boarders are multiplying rapidly. I admit that I quite appreciate seeing paddleboardettes in bikinis. It is a nice sight, and I am always friendly to them.

I was also friendly to the woman who swam in front of my single when I turned, and didn’t move. She was doing a back stroke but just didn’t move anywhere. To be honest, she looked like she had smoked something, or perhaps took her medicine at the wrong time or in the wrong dose. Completely off the world. Smiling to herself, and when I asked her if she was intending to go or not, she giggled, answered:

“My psychiater has a wet rucksack!” Then she burst out in laughter and almost disappeared under the water surface.

I looked at the paddleboardettes and made the cuckoo sign. They smiled.

But why only a thirty minute row? One reason is that the lake was full with boats and I couldn’t do a decent workout. The other reason was that I had lost precious time because

  1. The wrong boats were loaded on my trailer so I had to move one single to the big trailer to make room for my single.
  2. The lock of hanger nr 4 (“IIII”) was stuck, so I had to go to the back of the hangar through some bushes, crawl through a slightly open window, avoid falling on the scull rack and then open the hangar from inside. I put some vaseline on the lock, which hopefully helps.
  3. Daughter Lenka had used the single earlier that day and forgotten to move the footboard back. As the bottom nut is not a wing nut but a normal one, I had to go to my car to get the tool to move the footstretcher
  4. I needed some time after the session to load my single on the trailer

Well, it’s freewheeling week anyway, so I just did a 6km row.

Earlier today I fixed the “2:11 pace” bug on rowsandall.com. Using the Rowing Physics module on rowsandall.com, it’s premium users can calculate equivalent erg pace from the workout data. This worked fine for faster pieces, but all the slower segments seemed to get stuck to a 2:11 equivalent erg pace. I was looking for errors in the Rowing Physics module but couldn’t find any. At the end of the day, it turned out to be an embarrassing mistake in the Rowing Data module, which called the Rowing Physics module with a stroke rate of 30spm, instead of changing that to the real stroke rate.

I fixed the bug and now I can make a power estimate of my row on rowsandall.com before I export it to Strava or SportTracks.mobi. Here is the row:

20160825-184038-Sanders SpeedCoach 20160825 0621pm

Here is the power plot:

download (22)

The corrected pace is the pace in absence of wind. There was a slight east wind today that was slowing me down for most of the row.

download (23)

Here is the row on Strava, exported after doing the Power magic on rowsandall.com:


And here is one of the plots on SportTracks.mobi:


I don’t think this plot is exactly right but I need to dig deeper into Power Based Training to understand what the insight is from this plot

Oh, and in the Desktop version of SportTracks, I could do this plot.

Power Distribution. Not sure about the insight
Power Distribution. Not sure about the insight

I personally think it is a pretty cool thing to have Power estimates from OTW data. I will try to do some further descriptions of what I am doing and what rowsandall.com can do in subsequent posts.

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