Dusting off the erg – CTC

The plan for today was to do a 6×10 minute steady state step test at 170/180/190/200/210/220W and measure lactate after every 10 minutes. I am eager to pick up lactate testing and erging again after a long summer with zero erg time.

Got my lactate measuring device ready and some test strips. Note to self:

  1. Order new strips.

The current ones are nearing their expiry date. Set erg monitor to 10 min  / 1 min rest and took off at 170W.

Wipe. Wash. Wipe. Prick. Ouch. Wipe. Prepare strip. Drop.

Low battery. Ouch.

Note to self:

  1. Order lactate test strips
  2. Buy a new battery for the lactate meter

Well – it didn’t make sense to continue, and I changed to plan B. Do the CTC of this month. I had to skip the July because the 3x2813m session didn’t fit into my plan and I wanted to maximize boat time, so I was keen on getting a score in for this month’s CTC, which is a funny one:

Row four sprints during August.
(They don’t need to be done on the same day.)
One 400m, one 300m, one 200m, and one 100m.
If you row more than one of the pieces as intervals each must be from a standing start.

Find the pace (time for 500m) for each of the four rows from your performance monitor.
Simply add the four paces together to give you an entry for this CTC.

I rowed them in the following order: 400m, 200m, 100m, 300m, with roughly five minutes of active rest in between and of course from a standing start.

During the active rest after the 400m, I noticed that my Garmin Ant heart rate strap behaved funny. It seemed stuck to a value of 130bpm, while I was gasping for air and my heart rate was definitely still higher than that value after an exhausting 400m row.

So I sprinted to my OTW sports bag and grabbed the Tickr heart rate belt.

Note to self:

  1. Order new lactate strips
  2. Buy battery for lactate meter
  3. Buy battery for Garmin HR belt

Here are the plots for the CTC pieces:

400m – HR belt misbehaving

Tomorrow: Steady State. Probably OTW followed by trailer loading.

Note to self:

  • Don’t forget to put the Tickr HR belt back in the rowing bag!!