4x1km – good enough

So today was a 4x1km with 5 minutes rest. On the water. In the single. Target pace 2:01 in “neutral” weather, or the equivalent of that in whatever weather I would get.

There was a light SouthEast wind. Enough to reach great paces during the tailwind warming up. Enough to slow me down to 2:04 in the first headwind 1000m effort.

But I would have 2 headwind and 2 tailwind 1000m intervals, right? Well, no. During the third interval the wind turned and the final interval was with some headwind as well.

It’s funny. No chop, but still a significant slowing down. Here’s the video.

Even though I row on our lake regularly, I still find it very beautiful. Now with dark green leaves. Also watch my newly painted blades!

Workout Summary - media/20160618-131748-2016-06-18-0906.CSV
Workout Details
01|02858| 16:32 |02:52.2|18.2|143.0|171.0|09.6
02|01000| 04:09 |02:04.6|28.9|171.0|178.0|08.3
03|01000| 03:54 |01:57.1|29.4|170.0|180.0|08.7
04|01000| 04:12 |02:06.0|29.5|171.0|179.0|08.1
05|01000| 04:01 |02:00.6|29.6|169.0|181.0|08.4
06|01935| 11:45 |03:02.2|17.5|142.0|156.0|09.4

So 2:04.6, 1:57.1, 2:06.0, 2:00.6, that’s a 2:02.8 average pace. Not 2:01, but not bad.

Looking at the video, I should do two things:

  1. Not dig too deep at the catch
  2. Row a longer stroke. Get length

It was beautiful weather. Nice little clouds. Here’s a few pics I took after the row:

Prehrada 001 Prehrada 003 Prehrada 004

And here is the entire row in graphs:

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