2x30min on the erg. CTC or not?

In the morning I dropped the car off for a check (and probably renewal) of its shock absorbers, as well as the bi-annual technical test. Plus oil and filters.

They were supposed to call me. In the evening I realized they hadn’t. Need to check tomorrow. I hope it’s not more expensive than they told me and they are afraid to tell me. :-/

Anyway, without a car, the lake is a bit too far. So I did an erg session at home. First, a gentle 5 minutes warming up. Then a 2x30min with 3 minutes rest. The first one nice and gentle as well, the second one at 24spm average and a bit more fierce. Not as fierce as I wanted, but still. I managed 7705m.

This was not exactly what my training plan prescribed, unless you call this extensive steady state. This month’s CTC is not entirely clear to me. At the Free Spirits Forum, it is described as 30 minutes at 24 spm (maximum average). On the CTC site, it says: “Row for 30 minutes at a stroke rate of 24spm or lower.” I am not sure if my row fits the bill. The average was 24spm or lower, but I counted strokes and knew I could go up to 29spm in the final minutes. I did start the second interval from a standing flywheel, even though that condition is nowhere mentioned.

I hope it is a valid attempt, because with all the rowing on water, it will be hard to fit a second attempt into the month.

The cooling down was a 2000m which I managed in 9:00.0 minutes exactly.


I am proud to say that I uploaded it to my website rowsandall.com where it transferred correctly:


By the way, here is the interactive plot of the 2x30min:


Also, all this syncs nicely to the Concept2 logbook:


If you also want this functionality, just register at rowsandall.com.

There are still a few glitches that need ironing out, but we are slowly getting to the point where the interactions start to be smooth.