Rate Ladders in the Single

I arrived at the lake early, and saw mirror flat water. Of course I launched at the usual after-school training time for all the juniors, so the lake was buzzing with shells and coach launches. The launches create waves which reflect off the shores, which makes for interesting, long standing waves. That’s different than rowing in chop. These buggers throw your single to the left, then to the right, then up, down, and back again.

I did a 2k warming up and then rate ladders. Four times 2/2/2/3/2/1 minutes in stroke rate 18/20/22/20/22/24. A very nice series. A bit shorter than one lake. One minute to turn on the lower end of the lake. A little longer on the long end, because I had this pre-programmed as 2x(2/2/2/3/2/1)/R1 in CrewNerd, and after one double lake I had to repeat the workout, which gave me some time to drink a bit.

My workout as hosted on rowsandall.com. Picture created from uploaded TCX file.

I have to market my own new site rowsandall.com a bit. The picture above was made fully automatically through that site and hosted there. It also can upload the row to the Concept2 (development) logbook, from which you can also import workouts. Here are the workout stats (note that the notion head/tailwind is very weak, there was hardly any wind today):
Workout Summary - 2016-05-18-1607.CSV
Workout Details
01|01968| 09:59 |02:31.9|19.3|133.0|162.0|10.2 - warming up
02|00416| 02:00 |02:24.3|18.5|131.0|142.0|11.2 - headwind
03|00431| 02:00 |02:19.3|20.0|143.0|147.0|10.8
04|00422| 02:00 |02:22.2|22.0|147.0|153.0|09.6
05|00641| 03:00 |02:20.4|20.3|152.0|154.0|10.5
06|00441| 02:00 |02:15.9|22.0|155.0|161.0|10.0
07|00227| 01:00 |02:11.7|24.0|162.0|164.0|09.5
08|00411| 02:00 |02:26.2|19.0|138.0|147.0|10.8 - tailwind
09|00429| 02:00 |02:20.1|20.0|148.0|155.0|10.7
10|00443| 02:00 |02:15.6|21.5|156.0|160.0|10.3
11|00644| 03:00 |02:19.8|19.7|153.0|160.0|10.9
12|00452| 02:00 |02:12.6|22.5|158.0|164.0|10.0
13|00238| 01:00 |02:06.3|24.0|166.0|168.0|09.9
14|00398| 02:00 |02:30.8|18.5|140.0|147.0|10.8 - headwind
15|00424| 02:00 |02:21.7|21.0|154.0|159.0|10.1
16|00436| 02:00 |02:17.7|22.5|161.0|165.0|09.7
17|00634| 03:00 |02:22.1|20.7|160.0|164.0|10.2
18|00435| 02:00 |02:18.0|22.5|162.0|165.0|09.7
19|00224| 01:00 |02:13.6|24.0|164.0|165.0|09.3
20|00404| 02:00 |02:28.4|19.5|141.0|144.0|10.4 - tailwind
21|00420| 02:00 |02:23.1|20.0|149.0|153.0|10.5
22|00443| 02:00 |02:15.6|21.0|155.0|159.0|10.5
23|00638| 03:00 |02:21.1|19.3|153.0|159.0|11.0
24|00440| 02:00 |02:16.6|22.0|156.0|160.0|10.0
25|00231| 01:00 |02:10.2|24.0|161.0|165.0|09.6
26|01962| 10:30 |02:37.2|19.3|139.0|145.0|09.9 - cooling down

These one are from the desktop version of the same tool, but this can be added to the website. Also, I am thinking of adding my “patented” power calculations. One function that I am thinking of is calculating pace and power to “erg equivalent pace” for OTW workouts. I think that would be useful for comparison.

Here is the second plot from the desktop tool. I find it interesting to see how the meters/stroke dip every time I change rate.


And finally, the pie chart.



Tomorrow a high rate interval workout in the eight.


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