Under the weather & CTC

Monday was a planned rest day. Already on Sunday I started to feel bad, then I had a really bad night. Headache. Sore throat. Still went to work. Had a difficult day, surviving on aspirin and willpower.

So I worked from home on Tuesday and decided to skip the rowing session in order to get fully recovered. I already felt much better. Still sniffing and sneezing but no more headache, and able to concentrate on work. Business dinner in the evening which I survived without too much damage.

I am not ill very often, and when I catch the cold, it is usually this very intensive but short affair. Somehow I relate this to my physical fitness. When I trained less, these illnesses were much milder, but they carried on longer. I like it better this way.

Today, Wednesday, I definitely felt I could do a workout. The plan called for something intensive, short, with little rest. So a good day to try this month’s CTC:

May 2016 – The Sub 7 Triple 7 Long and Short of it
This challenge was chosen by SUB7
777m / 223m / 777m / 223m / 777m / 223m / 777m / 223m
With 7 minutes total rest spread however you like between the reps.
The first rep from a standing start the others how you choose
Record the time taken for the total 4000 metres.The simplest way to split the rests is one minute between each rep.

I decided to do the rest in a bit more fancy way:

  • 777m, 30 seconds rest
  • 223m, 90 seconds rest
  • 777m, 30 seconds rest
  • 223m, 95 seconds rest
  • 777m, 35 seconds rest
  • 223m, 100 seconds rest
  • 777m, 40 seconds rest
  • 223m, done

I had no idea about pacing but 2k pace seemed a good idea. It wasn’t of course! I guess I should be able to hold 2k pace (or faster?) when in good shape, but recovering from a cold is not the same … CTC 002

And here are the colorful plots.

There is something special about these pictures. Although they look like the ordinary Python stuff I have been using recently, these ones are made online on my website rowsandall.com, which runs Python and creates the plots for you.

In fact, one of the plots was made directly from the iPhone, using painsled’s export to Google Drive and Safari browser’s capability to upload files from Google Drive. Here’s my website on the iPhone during the process:

CTC 003
The website’s “dashboard”
CTC 004
Selecting the file from Google Drive
CTC 005
Ready to upload and create a Pie Chart at the same time
CTC 006
The upload succeeded and the pie chart was made

Here are some screenshots from a Desktop Brower:

Uploading the CTC to the website
After the upload I can edit the details and create new charts
I have created the Pie chart as well

I have built in synchronization functionality with the Concept2 Logbook. Right now it works with their Development/Testing server. Once the application is more mature, I will ask them to allow to upload to their production server.

The warming up as it appeared on Concept2’s test logbook server

After all this, the images are on my website, ready to be linked to blog or forum posts. Drop me a note if you are interested and want to be part of the testing!