Cleaning up and rate ladders

I normally prefer a rest day after races, but Tuesday is a travel day, so I decided to turn it around.

After work I headed to the rowing club. Everybody was already busy offloading boats from the trailers, giving them a wash and putting riggers on. It took me an hour to get the single and double ready. I am not sure if these things can be done faster. Personally I want to be precise, make sure that each bolt is tightened, all the covers are folded and put away, and also the washing is something I take time to do.

At 6pm I was ready and went for a row. A steady state row was on the menu, and I always like to spice these up by doing rate ladders. The rate ladders are also a good way to work on technique, in my mind. At 18spm, there is time enough to focus on each attention point. After a few minutes, you switch to 20spm. Just slightly faster so transferring the good stroke is not so difficult. After a few minutes, on to 22spm, then on to 24spm.

There was some chop on the lake. Nothing that would make it unrowable, but I fancied a change so I rowed up to the castle and back.

The water was brown. There has been a big thunderstorm two nights ago. Apparently the muddy water has now reached our lake. 



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