4x1500m in the eight

Today’s training was a 4x1500m in the eight, each 1500m rowed as 500m @ 24spm, 500m @ 26spm, 500m @ 28spm. The rest time was roughly five minutes, measured as “paddle a bit, stop eight, turn around, drink some water, go”.

I forgot to start CrewNerd so I don’t have stroke rate data. So, after the row I synchronized my Garmin Forerunner using the phone. The data were immediately pushed to Strava, and I used Rowsandall.com’s import from Strava to generate the plots.

I could show them to my team mates in the locker room. 🙂


The only thing is that my data smoothing is a bit of overkill for the super accurate Garmin Forerunner data.

The site on rowsandall.com is now open for all users. Just register and try it out!