Saturday & Sunday


In the double with Romana. We were basically coaching the girls who are rowing their second outing in the pair. I must say I am impressed. They don’t go fast yet, but the boat seems to move in a very good way. There is no stopping and starting. The idea is to give them another discipline to compete in. They are not the top single scullers, but in the pair they could row a few more finals. For us, it was rowing with a lot of stops. We did a few 10 stroke intervals and a race start to prepare for next weekend.

The weather was gorgeous:

prehrada 001

After the row, I gave the double a good wash. Now it is shining clean.



Cross-training day. There was some work to do at the rowing club, so I rode there on the bike. We loaded the old dock on the trailer, then drove it to our river club house, and put it together on the river, replacing the old (small) river dock which will be transferred 2km upstream as a launch dock for races.

It all went well, but I was a little afraid the 4x400kg iron frames would damage our boat trailer:

prehrada 006 prehrada 007

We also were a little nervous that we would hit the trolley bus cables in the street where our river clubhouse is located. We had a few tens of centimeters to spare, luckily.

Here are the rides. First, a longer way from home to the club house. 45 minutes:

Middagrit 5-1-2016, Elevation Middagrit 5-1-2016

Then, a 20 minute ride between our club’s two locations:

Namiddagrit 5-1-2016 Namiddagrit 5-1-2016, Elevation

And finally a 30 minute ride home:

Namiddagrit 5-1-2016, Elevation Namiddagrit 5-1-2016

I think that’s enough training for today. Cycling is interesting. It’s low heart rate stuff but the climbs can destroy your legs.

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