Veveří row and music

There was a lot of wind this morning, so Romana and I decided to the castle. We launched at 10am, at the same time my double partner Radek launched from the opposite side of the lake in his single. We would row the training together.

Before we arrived at the river/canyon with minor chop, the lake was quite hard to cross.

My feelings were:

Nice and fun.

Romana’s feeling were like this:

Terror and fear.

When we all survived the lake and met up at Rokle, we started our training. The training plan said “hard distance” so we decided to row up to the castle and a bit beyond in 24-26spm, then turn around and do the same thing on the way back.


There was still strong wind but  relatively mild chop, so it was OK.


Tonight we are invited to a festival at the same castle that we rowed to this morning. Some Celtic song and dance, with food and drinks. It will be interesting I am sure:



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