Cheops again (Pete Plan Pyramid)

Up at 5:30 after a pretty bad night (too hot in the bedroom) so not 100% motivated to do this training, the Pete Plan Pyramid. Luckily I was launching together with another crew, so I casually mentioned what I was going to do so as to force myself to not bail out half way through the set.

Had some difficulty with the XGPS160 working with CrewNerd during the warming up. What happens is that you see CrewNerd stop counting the meters. I then usually reset CrewNerd, and everything works. But this time I couldn’t bring up CrewNerd again. It just froze, then crashed. So I started the XGPS160 monitor app, which also froze. Then I tried resetting the XGPS160 and that did the job.

|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|avg HR|max HR|Remarks
|01997|12:50|03:12.8| 120 | 154 |WU
|00242|00:54|01:51.6| 147 | 169 |250m standing start
|00502|01:59|01:58.6| 168 | 176 |500m
|00746|02:59|01:59.9| 170 | 179 |750m
|01000|04:05|02:02.4| 172 | 179 |1km headwind
|00747|03:12|02:08.5| 174 | 179 |750m headwind
|00498|01:57|01:57.6| 166 | 177 |500m
|00239|00:55|01:54.8| 158 | 170 |250m
|01225|07:37|03:06.5| 139 | 169 |CD

I rowed the first 250 from a standing start and at good pressure. The double was just coming next to me when I started, and it helps to have a boat next to you.

My average split from last time was 1:59.9 and the weather was very similar, so I wanted to stay under 2:00 average.

I thought I was doing fine, focussing on technique, and both the 500m and the 750m were under target. When I turned the boat at the end of the lake I noticed however that what I had considered “no wind” conditions was actually a light breeze from the north. This slowed me down in the following 1000m and 750m. The 750m was particularly slow because it was in the turning north end of the lake. In fact, I was almost running out of lake and was contemplating whether the last 200m would fit or if I would have to make another sharp turn to go on the river. It fit, but I had to hard stop the boat and had literally 3 strokes of lake left.

Then I turned again for the last 500m and 250m. During the 500m, CrewNerd stopped counting meters again, which I noticed about 10 strokes before the end, so I finished that one as a 60 stroke interval, then watched the distance on my Garmin watch for the final 250m.

cheops2 cheops


|169|Main set
|139|Cool down
|145|rest meters

One second slower than last time … 🙁