Back in the boat

… well, I have spent enough time in boats during the vacation, but they were sailing boats. For example on Thursday we did a big tour of about 40km on Fluessen lake. There wasn’t much wind, about 2 Beaufort, but it was fun.

I will not give a full update of my training activities during the vacation, but I will add one picture of my Saturday afternoon run, a 13km affair where I finally found the way around the small lake next to our rented cottage. It involved climbing over a few fences and running through a meadow with cows, but it was marked as a public footpath. It’s the part where I return to the shores of the small lake and then cross to an even smaller lake. I did a 2 minute break at the end of that. You can see my HR going down there.

rondje idsegeaster poel

Yesterday I covered 1100km in 10:45 hours, in a car. ­čÖé

Today was the first day back in the single. There was quite a strong wind so I went up to the castle and back, just steady state in 18-20spm. Heart rate around 145-150, pace around 2:20 with tailwind, 2:29 to 2:35 with headwind.


I used RIM to analyze my stroke. First time after I changed the length of my scull (added 2cm of length, keeping inboard and span the same). Here are the metrics:


The yellow and purple lines are today. The green, gray and brown ones are from June 16. Check factor and stroke efficiency are in the same ballpark. It seems “catch efficiency” has improved a bit, which seems logical as I┬áchanged the gearing slightly. Still wondering though if the changes are significant.

By the way, on purpose I didn’t write “rigged heavier” or something like that. After reading this discussion on I try to avoid that. Still, with the same handle speed at the catch I expect to be accelerating the boat slightly more with my new rigging parameters.