500m/1km/2km, Garmin and CrewNerd stuff, and Race evaluation

Today I wanted to do a 4x1km OTW, but the Renegade Rowing wordpress blog (http://renegaderowing.com/2015/05/12/rowing-wod-51215-500m-2min-rest-1k-4min-rest-2k-post-splits/) inspired me to change it to:

500m @32 s/m (2k-1)

2min rest

1k @30 (2k)

4min rest

2k @28 (2k+2 to 2k+4)

It was quite windy when I launched. I did a “long” warming up of 3km, to Rokle and then back to the start of the 2km Albano. In the 500m with strong headwind, I had difficulty holding the prescribed 30spm stroke rate, and the pace was around 2:10 at best. So I was very surprised to suddenly see 2:02 in the Crewnerd App when I finished. Didn’t give it too much thought.

I did take a bit longer rest to drink a bit, reset CrewNerd to “just row”, remember to hit “start” on CrewNerd, and turn the boat.

One kilometer with tailwind. Got started, and had to check my course a few times because there was a windsurfer in my rear view mirror who was doing unpredictable things. At one point he fell in the water and then tried to get his sail up again. When I checked Crewnerd, I suddenly was down to 500m to go, but with a time of 1:30 for the first 500m.

Hm, something must be wrong. The XGPS160 LEDs were on. What to do now? Do an additional unrecorded 30 seconds? Somehow I didn’t feel like it. But I did make a mental notice to do the 2km from start to finish in the Albano, and not stop early.

So I did. The 2km was a real struggle. The Masters pair was next to me, probably doing steady state, but still it felt like a victory that I could row away from them. With the strong headwind and waves, it was difficult to keep the stroke rate at 28spm.

Here’s how rough the weather was:

roei 001 roei 002

Here are the statistics according to CrewNerd:

CrewNerd+XGPS160 statistics

|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|02875|15:49|02:45.0| 19.0 | 131 | 148 |09.6|Warming up
|00495|02:02|02:03.3| 29.4 | 163 | 178 |08.3|500m headwind
|00671|04:17|03:11.6| 17.8 | 131 | 177 |08.8|rest
|01021|03:33|01:44.3| 28.0 | 165 | 177 |10.3|"1000m" tailwind
|00765|04:59|03:15.4| 18.9 | 136 | 175 |08.1|rest
|02020|09:50|02:26.0| 26.1 | 174 | 181 |07.9|2km headwind
|00804|06:15|03:53.1| 18.3 | 134 | 180 |07.0|cooling down

And here is my trajectory according to CrewNerd:

Notice the strange loop at the beginning of the 1km?

Statistics according to Garmin+Crewnerd

So I decided to do an experiment and merge the Garmin data with the CrewNerd data, taking position and speed from Garmin, and stroke rate from CrewNerd.

Here are the data:

| Time_ | Pace__ | _SPM___ | avg HR | max HR | _A/D | DPS | Remarks
| 15:30 | 02:53.1 | 18.9 | 129 | 148 | | 09.2 | Warming up
| 02:02 | 02:12.9 | 27.2 | 162 | 177 | | 08.3 | 500m headwind
| 04:43 | 04:26.0 | 20.1 | 134 | 174 | | 05.6 | rest
| 03:00 | 01:58.6 | 25.5 | 161 | 177 | | 09.9 | "1000m" tailwind
| 05:35 | 03:30.2 | 19.9 | 135 | 175 | | 07.2 | rest
| 09:10 | 02:18.6 | 25.7 | 173 | 181 | | 08.4 | 2km headwind
| 13:32 | 05:18.9 | 19.4 | 128 | 180 | | 04.9 | cooling down

Not sure if the SPM is right. Might be an artefact of merging the data.

Here’s the revised trajectory:


And the colorful graphs:



I guess it was smart to take the Garmin Forerunner as a backup.

Race Evaluation

So it’s time for the race evaluation.

The Quad

We basically had no opposition, so it was just a test of how well we could row together. We were focused. The race plan was to settle down 10 strokes after the start and row a light and easy stroke. We did just that. I decided to not take any stroke coach and just stroke this one on feel. Romana measured a 34spm when we were 250m from the finish. It definitely didn’t feel as an all out effort. Our time of 3:03 is of course fast with the tailwind and the (light) current.

We should expect tougher competition but it was a good start.

What worked: Race plan execution, light stroke. We were confident.

What didn’t work: –

What would I do differently next time: We have to train doing a 10 hard stroke section in the middle and do an all out last 200m.

The Eight

What can I say. We got the 2 guys who didn’t make the selection for the local team and we got their worst eight. Still we won. We managed to pass the boat, take a half length lead and defend this, winning by a margin of 0.5 seconds. Good race experience.

What worked: We won, despite everything. Apparently the six of us have enough horse power.

What didn’t work: The rowers in the bow didn’t hear the cox.

What we need to do differently: We need to make kilometers in the eight. We need to have a boat with a coxbox. We need an experienced cox.

The Single

A nice race despite the pressure I loaded on myself. I wasn’t the fastest out of the start but I was confident and focused and rowed well. More a training than an all out 1km. I should expect tougher opponents in the rest of the season. The time of 3:39 was of course fast with tailwind and current.

What worked: I win effortlessly. I was focused and nothing distracted me (launch wake). I thoroughly enjoyed the racing. I was rowing a relaxed stroke. I was confident.

What didn’t work: I need to discipline myself the evening before the race. Strictly one glass of wine with dinner (or zero), not eat too much, and go to bed early.

What would I do differently next time: I still need to do a hard, all out 1km. Should train this a few times before the next race.

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