To the radio tower


Weights training. I had to go for my last shot related to the India travel in the morning. So I did the weights a little lighter than normal.

Went to a concert with my son. In bed after midnight.


No training? It depends how you see it. I spent four hours cleaning out the rowing club workshop, where we had stored lots of stuff during the reconstruction of the club house. It was a combination of physical work (lifting boxes, cupboards, boats, and other stuff), with that of an historian (deciding what to keep and what not). We have boxes full of trophies from the 1920s, 1930s, 1950s, and younger. Old coaching related literature, 1930s club house restaurant menus, etc …


Erg workout at the club, with some other masters. I went with their workout, which was sort of steady state but with lots of rest and alternating 20 and 24 SPM. Here is the main bit:

rowing chart

There was also a warming up and cooling down and a long stretching session.


On Monday, I had a long day at work with a few performance review with my subordinates. Exhausting. I decided to take a rest day and work on the site. Fixed a few bugs. Improved a few things.

The training plan prescribed otw rowing but the weather wouldn’t have allowed that. Windy and wet snow.

Today, the work day was nice and relaxed. It involved a one hour drive to the engine factory in Olomouc for a meeting with the Olomouc site leader. Had a coffee break on the highway on the way back, it felt nice to not be in an office. I returned in time to get some work done in the Brno office as well, so all in all a nice and varied day.

However, since my illness I have difficulty getting back into the rhythm. Had to force myself to go down to the erg basement and row. The erg seems boring and one dimensional after having tasted the OTW feeling again. I decided to dial up the “Mountain Loop” in Zwift (connected to the erg via the PainSled app) and force myself to Row/ride the full loop.

There were lots of people on Zwift, so I ended up riding the way up in a huge group, and stuck with a few guys who were about as fast as I. Riding up to the radio tower I got my heart rate up a bit too high, but it was fun, even though the splits weren’t were I would have liked them to be.

Zwift screenshot

Zwift screenshot

In the screenshots, I am the guy with the black/red striped shirt. In the end the workout was where I wanted it to be in terms of rScore.

rowing chart