A sunny weekend / 4x1500m OTW


A quick run because I didn’t have time for a longer one, and also because there was a 30 minute run on this week’s training plan that I hadn’t done yet.

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It was nice and sunny weather and the birds in the forest were giving a brilliant concert.

After this, Romana and I headed to a cooking studio for a workshop on meat preparation. It was great fun and here are some of the results:

We spent 6 hours cooking, eating, and tasting local wines. It was great.


Two of our mixed eight canceled at the last moment. We did rig the eight, but went out in a quad, pair and single instead. I opted for the single, Ivan and Martin went out in the pair, and the girls took a quad. I did the following workout:

4x(500m@24spm + 500m@26spm + 500m@24spm)/500m.

We decided to make the rest 100m longer to allow for turning. I did outrow the pair, so at the end of the third interval I had some time to take a picture:

The lake was mirror flat. It was sunny. It was great.

I forgot that the NK SpeedCoach doesn’t record rest strokes, so the chart below only shows the work bits:

The hardest bit was to hold the 24spm in the third 500m.

Workout Summary - media/mailbox_attachments/2019/03/31/208a4fc14c744b9fbbfee5ecd1e323b7.csv
--|06001|27:05.1|02:15.7|223.0| 23.5 |164.0|175.0|09.4
Workout Details
02|01500|06:40.7|02:13.7| 241.0 | 24.0 | 162.0 |09.4
03|01500|06:47.8|02:16.2| 215.0 | 23.5 | 164.0 |09.4
04|01500|06:46.6|02:15.9| 220.0 | 23.5 | 165.0 |09.4
05|01500|06:50.0|02:17.0| 216.0 | 23.5 | 164.0 |09.3

And as you can see from the chart, I didn’t hold 24spm in the third 500m. One of the excuses I had was that I was trying to work on being relaxed around the catch and avoiding a short catch angle.

Looking for slip, catch angle, drive length and effective drive length trends in the OTW workouts I recorded with the Empower Oarlock this year, I don’t see any change between today (focusing on the catch) and the other days.

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Here are strokes from the third and fourth 1500m measured using the Quiske system:

I report virtually no change from how I rowed on Friday morning. Need side video.