3x(3x2min/2min) in the Single

Romana went out in the double with her partner Veronika and I took the single. I was looking forward to this workout, and a little worried about the prescribed stroke rates:

3x(3x2min/2min)/6min, two minutes are 1 minute at 28spm, 1 minute at 30spm

The coach always writes stroke rates for bigger boats, so for a single we are supposed to subtract 2. Still, I haven’t spent much time at stroke rates above 25spm this year, and the water was a little rough.

It was, actually, ideal weather for the youth sailing regatta happening on the south end of the lake, confining us rowers to its northern half:

A bit of a zig zag course. I warmed up to Rokle (top left on the map) and then on to the start of the 2k course (top middle, close to “Osada”). I did two of the three intervals in headwind (south direction), followed by a turn, and then one interval in tailwind, followed by a paddle back to the start of the 2k. In the last series, I had to change course quite abruptly at the beginning of the second 2 minute interval, to avoid a crash course with some sailing boats, so I rowed the last interval in front of the rowing club, and the cooling down was quite short.

I am pretty happy with the stroke rates I managed, especially given that the charts below seem to suggest I was holding up technique pretty well at the higher rates, despite the choppy water. This is in line with what I felt during the row.

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