4x2k, struggling

I looked up my previous average time for the 4x2k and it was 1:51.9 pace in December. I decided to target 1:52 split, but I knew it was going to be hard, after a pretty exhausting day at work.

Warming up with some speed bursts at 24, 28 and 30 SPM.

In the first interval, I managed 1:52.1 but I felt I should slow down a bit. I started the second interval relaxed at 1:53 but as I got into it, and by focusing on good technique, I managed to bring down the average split in the second half of this 2k, and scored another 1:52.1.

In the third interval, I focused on sitting straight and only pushing with the legs in the first half of the drive. I also played some mind games, alternating focus between the next 250 marker or the next full minute, whichever came first. In the beginning of the 2k, these two things happen a few seconds apart, but as you continue, the gap becomes wider, and you end the row with something to row towards every 30 seconds. This worked so well that I managed a 1:51.8 split. Much better than expected (I was expecting to fight handle down demons).

I paid for it in the beginning of the final, fourth interval. I had somehow drained my mental energy in that third interval, and suddenly I was looking at 1:56 and 1:57 splits and unable to lower them. The fact that this is pure mental was proven as I passed the 1000m mark. I was focusing again on the next full minute or 250m marker, and suddenly the splits started coming back to the desired values. I kept gradually lowering them and with 250m to go I rated up to 30spm and 1:45 pace to try and bring the total time under 7:30. I missed that target by a second.

Given the exhausting working day and the fact that I am not feeling 100%, I am happy with the result.

interval rowing chart

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