Wednesday – Back and forth on skis


Romana had to go to Ovcarna with one of the girls who was ill and was going to be picked up by her father, so I was responsible for slow, fast and intermediate groups.

I decided to have them go back and forth between the Praded junction and Svycarna. Conditions on Praded mountain were pretty bad. It was very windy and snowing, so visibility was pretty low. Most of the segment was shielded by trees though, so that was pretty OK.

I skied up to the junction with the fastest girls, then told them to do Svycarna and back to the junction twice. Then I returned to pick up the intermediates. I sent them off behind the fast girls, telling them to go to Svycarna and back to the junction, and turn around on the second loop when they meet the fast girls. I skied down Praded mountain again to meet the slow ones, which had broken up in two groups. So I sent Dominik and Vitek to Svycarna and back, then returned to meet the slowest ones. Robin and Tomasek. I told them to go until they meet me, then return.

Then I set off to chase the fastest girls.

Conditions were getting worse, so I was happy to send Robin and Tomasek home, but slightly worried about them going through the blizzard.

I am adding a few pictures from other days, just to capture the atmosphere.

In the afternoon, we ran on the loops close to the hotel. I did a 5km, then 2x a 3km.

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