Friday: good old mixed double

When I was in America, Romana had a racing weekend in Brno. Unfortunately, at the start of the Women 4-, sitting at stroke seat, she hurt her back badly. Of course she finished the race and proceeded to race another two 2k races on that day. 

The result was that she couldn’t do much fir two weeks and then had to slowly get back to exercising. She did massages and fysio ij the mean time, but we had to cancel our participation to next week’s mixed 2x event at the Masters Nationals.

As Romana’s back became gradually better, I started to ask if we could do a row in the double again. Yesterday was the first day when I got ‘yes’ as an answer. 

Of course we did a gentle steady state and some technique drills, but it was a great row. A good start of the training for Bled.

Power estimated by physics module


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