First row in the quad

Today we started to train for our annual race in the eight.

We did it by rowing a quad and a coxless four. We all arrived, the entire team, eight Masters men, at 6pm. It was a miracle. Nobody was late. Nobody canceled last minute. It was a miracle, except for the fact that everybody, except our captain, expected that the captain would organize a coxswain.

So at least we rigged the eight and checked that everything was good for a row.

Then we took a quad and a four. I stroked the quad. We did an 8km technical row on mirror flat water. Lots of arms only, arms and back, half stroke, 3/4 stroke, and lots of rowing at 16spm. The SpeedCoach was dutifully recording it all, as was the Garmin Forerunner. At least I thought so.

Coming home after the row, I realized that I could use the NK smartphone app. This app syncs with the SpeedCoach, but I don’t use it because it doesn’t sync the Empower Oarlock data. No Oarlock data in today’s row, so I went ahead and started the app, which prompted me with a question if I wanted to upgrade the SpeedCoach’s firmware. I clicked OK before I could realize that that might erase all data.

It erased all data.

Luckily, there was still the Garmin watch. But unfortunately, I had forgotten to switch that to the Tickr X heart rate belt.



I synced the Garmin watch to Garmin connect, which syncs automatically to Strava, and from there I imported the row to

What, power data? Yes. Stravistix thought this was a run and did a power estimate. Cool.

What was also cool was that this was a very nice technique row. We worked really well together, today, and when that happens, you can row a quad almost effortlessly.

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