3x20min at the rowing club

I got up very early. We took the 6:07 train to Prague, for another visit to the embassy, this time with the kids, to get the documents for the rest of the family in order. I spent a few hours in the train updating the rowsandall.com site with some advanced filtering of Empower Oarlock data.

The training plan was clear and this is a training I recognize.

3x20min / 4 min rest. Alternate 20 and 22 spm each 2 minutes

I rowed this at the rowing club and the turnout was great. We Masters occupied 5 ergs. Doing the rate stuff in a row of five ergs is interesting when you sync your strokes, as we did.

I was on the erg next to the wall, and I did notice that air circulation is a lot worse there. I am used to my cold rowing basement and I did have a lot of trouble rowing in this hot, humid environment.

Workout Summary - media/20170228-1920230o.csv
Workout Details

I was the slowest of the lot, but I think I am the only one who knows about a polarized training plan. I tried to explain that this should be rowed at “conversation” pace, but the others wanted to pull faster splits than their neighbors.

I am happy to report that my Sunday hour of updating firmware was successful. I have the full metrics from Painsled now.

No heart rate data. I recorded that separately on the Garmin, but I haven’t finished my Data Fusion functionality on rowsandall.com yet.

Oh and I should mention that you can listen to my on Sunday 8pm UK time, when I will be in the RowPerfect Rowing Chat: https://www.rowperfect.co.uk/rowingchat/

You can also download the podcast afterwards and listen to it later.

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