Taper for 2k

Today I did a Taper training as prescribed by our coach.

  • 3km Warming Up
  • 6 times 15 hard strokes, rest 2 to 3 minutes
  • Start+250m at 2k pace
  • Cooling Down

I wasn’t sure if the 15 hard strokes were to be done at a high stroke rate or a low stroke rate.

Workout Summary - media/20170127-1710200o.csv
Workout Details

One thing that I am thinking about a lot is increasing power by stroke rate, rather than by increasing the drive force. I see that in my “power” intervals, I go substantially higher in “Work per Stroke”, which means that I increase the average drive force. A risk of doing that is that your muscle fatigue sets in earlier than aerobic fatigue (if that is a valid term). For tomorrow’s 2k, I want to rate high from the beginning (above 30spm) but keep the power checked at 1:44 pace, at least in the first 1500m.

Here are the charts that show what I am doing:

And here are the Pies:

So a 2k tomorrow, and then packing and on Sunday we’ll go to the mountains for a week of cross-country skiing:

Conditions look great: http://www.jeseniky.net/pocasi-snih#upravene-bezkarske-trasy