Abandoned session because of exploding head

I have the flu. Nothing very serious so far, and I did yesterday’s steady state session without problems.

Today, however, I didn’t feel fully recovered from the intervals. Which is weird.

The training plan asked for a 4x2km session. Haven’t done this one in a while. I went to the erg room with a plan. Take it easy. Just row 26spm and take whatever pace you get. It is more important to complete the session than to row it at PB pace.

That was the theory. I set off at 26spm and used the free speed I got from my erg video analysis advice report. Which got me through the first interval at 1:52 average pace, and half way through the third one. That was the point where my head exploded. Not literally, of course, but this was how it felt.

So let’s see how I feel tomorrow.

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