Erg training with a sparring partner

We are on our way to Berlin for a short vacation. We left a day earlier and spend a day at my mother-in-law’s place. After lunch, my brother in law invited me to do an erg session and I grabbed the opportunity.

It is a light training week, and I plan to do some running in Berlin. But an unexpected chance to do an erg session is great.

Even better. There was another guy on the erg next to me, one of Tomas’s students, and he wanted to row my 20×45″/1:15 rest.

I was already looking forward to showing off Painsled on the PM5, but it seems that not all PM5 have wireless connectivity? Or is it a firmware issue?

Anyway, it was great to have a sparring partner. This session greatly benefits from it

No nice graphs today. Just the pictures.

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