Running Training

I skipped Friday’s session. I planned to do the Two Speed Lactate Test, but having a cold and not feeling 100%, I thought it was better to relax and skip it.

Being an active rower doesn’t make me immune for these annoying infections, but I have the feeling I do get over them with relatively little drama. I usually have a slight headache and I sniff a bit. I sleep a bit worse than normally. In two days it goes away. This is different to what I observe with colleagues who exercise less frequently.

It’s another method how spending time doing a sport saves you time in the end.

This morning I was feeling better, but I still wanted to keep the intensity low. Also, Romana delegated the girls/women running training to me, so I did a gentle run along the lake. Nothing hard. Chatting. I feel terribly out of touch listening to the girls chatting during the run.

One of the topics that was discussed was working and traveling in the US. I recommended doing a “US Life Guard” training and certification, which they can do locally. I know a few people who did this, spent a month sitting next to a swimming pool in a US hotel (sticking a few plasters) and making enough money to explore the rest of the country.

Our lake is frozen. A thin layer of ice. No rowing.

Running with my little running group, we met a few commercial running groups. There are many people who make money by giving running trainings along the lake. Of course they don’t call their sessions “trainings”, but “clinic”, “workshop”, or something else. Also they don’t go just running, but have a “philosophy” behind it. I had the feeling their coaches/gurus/mentors were trying to figure out if I was a new competitor.

But maybe it was all imagination. Anyhow, it was a nice recovery session.

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