Another 15k of steady state

No training on Monday.

And today, another staple 15km of steady state. This time I did it as a 3x5km/1min rest interval workout. Outside temperature was -1C, but in my rowing basement it was a comfortable 6C.


Workout Summary - media/20161206-2005090o.csv
Workout Details

I had to stop in the last interval because the playlist ended with 3.5km to go. I figured it was better to start a new playlist than to row in silence. I have turned around the erg (Romana’s wish). The positive thing is that the cold outside air is now near the flywheel and my back is towards the inside of the house, which is good for preventing backpain. The downside is that the radio is not any more an arm reach from the erg. With the old setup, I could switch from bluetooth mode (playlist played from phone) to radio within one recovery. Now I have to get up.

The avera/peak force is oscillating interestingly
The avera/peak force is oscillating interestingly

I looked at the plot for Average/Peak Force ratio and it shows some interesting oscillations. I was wondering what this is, so here is the plot for the peak and average force.


It looks like the main variations are in the peak force.


Drive length doesn’t seem to depend on stroke rate, but again looking at the metric vs distance is interesting:


Definitely looks like some fatigue setting in, leading to shorter drives. And here is the reason why this is bad:


The shorter the drive length, the less energy in the stroke. This is a pretty good example of a strong correlation.

It’s fun to look at these data. My power histogram over this erg season is starting to show a strong steady state component:




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