Monday – Wednesday: business trip


Traveled to Brussels through Munich. Then dinner in the hotel with colleagues. No training.


Hotel fitness at 10am. I am not in my usual hotel. In the Hilton Brussels City, where I had to stay to be with the colleagues from the US, you pay more for a smaller room, and the hotel is further away from normal streets and restaurants. But the gym has an indoor rower. A model C with a PM2 monitor. Just like I had in the old days. I rowed a 2k warming up, then 10 minutes of spinning and then I did 3×15 push-ups, sit-ups, bench pulls, pistol squats and that was it. 45 minutes of exercise before a long day of meetings followed by a 3 hour business dinner.


3×20 min of steady state with 1 minute of rest. A quite sweaty affair in the very hot fitness center. In the first interval I just rowed for 10 minutes, then did a Wolverine L4 4/3/2/1 sequence at 20/21/22/23 spm to break the bore. In the second interval I did 4/4/4/4/4min at 170/180/190/180/170 W. The most successful boredom reduction strategy was the last interval. I started at 190.5 W for one minute and then let the average drop by 0.5 W per minute, which means you row at 170W in the final minute and end up with an average of 180.0W.

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