12km Steady State OTW

Nothing fancy. Got up early, bot not early enough to do the >15km that I wanted before work. So it was 12km in the end.


I rowed up the the castle and then back. On the way to the castle, I passed two swans. These animals always make me nervous. When I was almost at the foot bridge beneath the castle, the swans came flying back. For a moment, it seemed they were flying directly towards me, but as I passed under the bridge, they passed over it, their wings flapping noisily, and landed further upstream. By the time I had reached my turning point, they were flying back downstream again.

Makes you wonder what goes on in a swan’s mind.

I did some stroke rate work on the way back.

I also spend some time to add some new plotting functionality to rowsandall.com. Now it is still a hidden feature, until fully tested, but it allows you to plot various parameters against each other. It is really a preparation for Power Based Analysis. Here are two example plots:

Drive Energy (Force Times Distance) is the energy you put into the drive. Looks pretty stable over the different stroke rates.


More will follow and I will explore which plots (for OTE and OTW rowing) seem useful enough and have potential to make me row faster!