Tuesday – Bike & Lactate step test


Commute to work on the bicycle.


Average heart rate 132 bpm so definitely a regeneration workout. Although, at one point, at the beginning of what Strava calls the “Olomoucká I” segment, a 500m long climb of 27 meters elevation difference (5% average grade, 10% max grade), another cyclist was just behind me, and I had to push a bit harder to avoid him taking over. That pushed my heart rate up to 176 bpm.


The post summer vacation / pre winter season lactate step test on the Concept2 erg. I did 6 intervals of 10 minutes at increasing power, taking a finger prick lactate measure after every step.

Workout Summary - media/20160830-194351-sled_2016-08-30T20-14-40ZGMT+2.strokes.csv

Workout Details
00|02494|21.1|138.0|153.0|09.9| 1.7 | 170
01|02540|21.4|148.9|162.0|09.9| 1.6 | 180
02|02520|21.6|156.5|165.0|09.7| 1.7 | 190
03|02552|21.9|160.9|172.0|09.7| 2.0 | 200
04|02554|22.5|166.7|176.0|11.2| 4.6 | 210
05|02246|21.0|149.1|159.0|08.9| 3.1 | 160

I started at 170 W and increased with 10W after each interval. After reaching 4.6 mmol/L at 210W and feeling like you feel at 4.6 mmol/L, I didn’t continue to 220W but took the last interval as a cooling down.

The goal is to determine the threshold, under which lactate is flat. For me, this seems to be just under 200W, but I will confirm this next week by rowing 6x10min at a constant power of 195W, taking a lactate measurement every 10 minutes.

Here is the graph:


The “Model” line is a line that I “fitted” through last year’s data. For comparison, here is the graph that I compiled in November 2015.

Lactate measurements November 2015
Lactate measurements November 2015.

So in comparison with November 2015, my steady state lactate level is higher, the step is more pronounced and seems to be shifted to the left. I guess that corresponds to being in a worse shape, fitness wise. Vacation effect, I think.

We’ll see if this is confirmed next week, but it looks like my steady state should not go above 195W.

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