Tuesday – 8x500m in the single

Last time I did this (on the water) was in July 2015. Then, I averaged 1:59.3 for pace at 28.5 spm. The training plan prescribed shorter sprint intervals, but I thought it would be interesting to do this standard row as a benchmark.

Today I arrived at the lake after another really busy day at work. We have a VP over from the US so lots of time spent in preparing presentations, then waiting for the vice president to arrive, presenting, etc.

When I launched, the lake was calm, but there was a southeast wind that gained strength during the row. This was a head/cross wind in intervals 1,2, 5 and 6 and a tailwind in intervals 3, 4, 7 and 8.

I tried to focus on technique and hold 30spm, irrespective of pace. I did the 500s like this:

  • 10 strokes focus on “soft catch”
  • 10 strokes focus on strong finish
  • 10 strokes focus on the recovery (not too fast, not too slow, reach far enough)
  • repeat

Interactive plot here: http://rowsandall.com/rowers/workout/306/interactiveplot

Workout Summary - 2016-06-07-1750.CSV
Workout Details
01|02854| 14:42 |02:34.6|19.8|140.0|164.0|09.8 - WU
02|00500| 01:55 |01:55.1|30.7|164.0|180.0|08.5 - headwind
03|00500| 01:59 |01:59.8|30.0|168.0|179.0|08.3
04|00500| 01:54 |01:54.2|30.5|170.0|180.0|08.6 - tailwind
05|00500| 01:58 |01:58.7|29.8|172.0|179.0|08.5
06|00500| 01:59 |01:59.5|30.6|166.0|179.0|08.2 - headwind
07|00500| 02:03 |02:03.7|30.6|171.0|180.0|07.9
08|00500| 01:55 |01:55.5|29.1|169.0|178.0|08.9 - tailwind
09|00500| 01:53 |01:53.0|32.4|171.0|181.0|08.2
10|02800| 14:59 |02:40.6|19.8|144.0|157.0|09.5 - CD

The first and fifth interval were from a standing start. The last interval was an attempt to empty the tanks by rowing the first 30 strokes at the usual 30spm, then increasing to 34spm.

Looks like a 1:58 average over the 500s to me, at a stroke rate of 30spm average. So not much better, not much worse than last year. Actually, my average heart rate seems to be higher. Not sure how happy I am with this benchmark.

Tomorrow: Flying to Brussels & rest day.

Thursday: Hotel gym

Friday: steady state

Saturday:  Race heats or start practice

Sunday: Races (2km in single & eight)

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