Trabant to Ferrari part 2


Flight to Brussels. Sit in hotel room to prepare meeting. No training. Rest day.


Before work, I spent an hour in the hotel fitness. A thought crossed my mind: How many marathons have I run on these two treadmills in this particular hotel? Difficult to estimate. I ran for 20 minutes, then did a 40 minute strength session, partly exercise machine, partly body weight.

Tough negotiations at which I cannot say anything. Except perhaps that I personally managed to stall the negotiations for 4 hours. I won’t say what I think about the outcome. Mystery, mystery.

Dinner in Brussels with my sister. We had a good time.


Up at 4AM to catch the flight home. A long day.

Despite travel tiredness and noticable DOMS in shoulders, legs and arms from yesterday’s strength training, I decided that today was the day I would repeat the 1 minute test I did in november, described in this post. Here’s the graph from back then:

November Sander

Here is the graph from today (blue curve today, dark green curve November):

February Sander

Here is a table comparing the results:


The targets are from the “Rowing Faster” book and are an age-corrected range for lightweight male rowers. Still at the bottom of the range. Somehow my “peak power” has decreased, although I think it is more an artifact of the November test, where I basically hit 611 W in the first stroke and then dropped to 550W in the next stroke. Today, I started low (500W and then brought it up to 550 and held it for ten strokes. After about 30 seconds the two curves are suspiciously close. One could even call them “identical”.

Improved the average power by 17W. Not sure how significant that is. The drop off times and value are influenced quite a lot by the peak power. Perhaps I did the test wrong today. Not sure. Looking purely at the graphs, I think I should conclude I am slightly better in terms of “average power over first 10 seconds” and the overall level of the curve is significantly higher in the first 30 seconds.

Next test for this week: A full out 6K. Should be a PB attempt.

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