Tuesday: Cycling, Rowing, Learning

I cycled home from work. First I was chased by the 77 bus but it was faster. Cycling along the trolley bus route of #33 I noticed full bus stops. Indeed, a few stops later, the 33 bus was chasing me. It’s a very simple game. The trolley bus aims to overtake you at the narrowest part of the street between two bus stops, preferably where a car is parked or there is another obstacle. When it arrives at the next stop, you overtake the bus.

Here is a picture of one of those buses along one point of my route:

I arrived at the railway station before #33. The next part of the commute was competing with trams, which is less exciting because they don’t do lateral movements.


Taking the flatter route, average HR 129 bpm (including traffic lights), max 152 bpm. Elapsed time 45 minutes.

At home, I shifted to the erg. I signed up for a “genfit” row at 8pm and had time to do a 15 minutes before. Eleven km in total.


Nothing special. Just steady state. I listened to an e-course during the row. Interesting, although I had lapses where I focused on the rowing or my mind wandered elsewhere so I missed a few points in the lecture.

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