Hotel strength session


No training. In the morning I was in our Falcon doing the flight test. 

We did 1 approach in Ostrava and 2 in Brno. Doing a low fly over the runway in a bizjet is always impressive. 

Then I took the taxi to Vienna airport and a regular flight to Toulouse, arriving there at 10pm. 


Almost an hour of strength in the hotel room:

  1. Curl biceps 15 15 15
  2. Squat 15 15 15
  3. Push ups 15 15 15
  4. Sit ups 15 15 12
  5. Pistol squats 15 15 15 each leg
  6. Row 15 15 15
  7. Squat 15 15 15
  8. Dips 15 15 15
  9. Back 15 15 15
  10. Bench press 15 15 15
  11. Pull up 15 15 15

For the squats and curls I used the bodylastics bands. Row, bench and pull up where with bodylastics bands and door anchor. 

Good workout. Here is my travel bag:

With the bands and door anchor it contains:

  1. A wardrobe
  2. Toiletries
  3. An office
  4. A library
  5. A fitness center

Not bad. I am approaching one bag ninja warrior status. 

Too bad I discovered that I left the door anchor in the hotel room. Well, I believe there is another one in the set at home, or else I can call the hotel if they found it – or order a replacement. 

Full day of meetings. Now waiting for flight at Toulouse airport. Arriving home after midnight, but the good news is that I will go through Amsterdam so I will have a chance to purchase Dutch reading stock. 

In other good news, I have an offer for a very reasonably priced lactate meter and strips. I will get it to try out of the lactate religion is something for me. 😉