Rest Day

The lactate meter

… has left Krakow and is traveling to Brno by UPS. The Polish town of Katowice was passed as well (80km from Krakow, but the parcel made a 500km D- Tour in order to see other parts of Poland), and now my lactate meter is somewhere along the way, probably in a truck. Expected delivery is Friday end of the working day. I am planning a light erg and a good strength training tomorrow, so that will not be the first opportunity to use the meter.

I have been re-reading the Lactate Training thread over at Free Spirits Forum yesterday and today. It’s a long read but very useful. There are a couple of posts where the discussion turns and new insights are generated.

In breaks between work I also took some time to make a summary of the different tests one can do with a lactate meter. Here’s a summary:

Can anyone tell me how to increase the size of this image?

(I am still struggling with the new editor. I believe I used to be able to copy excel tables directly into the editor and it would render a readable table. Now I had to save it as an image …)

Talking about tests, I am wondering if this book is worth buying. Boris, do you have an idea?



Still feeling Tuesday’s run in the legs. Also had too many teleconferencing meetings in the evening, so my only exercise was a bicycle ride home:

Average HR: 132

Max HR: 157

For those who are interested, I have added Heart Rate Ratio Drift to Dan Burpee’s spreadsheet. Write me at r o o s e n d a a l s a n d e r “at” if you want to receive a copy. It is only useful for those of us who use RowPro to record erg sessions.

In other news, my team was on Czech Television. You can see my Group Leader Jolana and our pilot Ivan during the flight testing of last week in following videos:

The first link is from “News from the regions”. The second one is from a daily Economy program on the main news channel.

Here’s another attempt at a readable table: