Steady State erg

A long working day ending with a meeting that started at 9am – Arizona time.

Standard steady state erg today. A 25 minute solo row, then a 30 minute online row on RowPro, and a 9 minute cooling down. My legs hurt quite a lot from DOMS from yesterday’s intensive run, especially the climbing muscles.

My lactate meter is on its way to me. UPS says it is in transit and on time, and has left Krakow, Poland, an hour ago. Exciting times. It will be interesting to see if I have been doing my steady state rows at the right intensity.

I have the feeling that I am rowing at a lower heart rate than a year ago, and I tried to compare “beats per km” which would slightly eliminate the pace effect … Beats per km was mostly above 600 in the 2014/15 winter, and mostly around 590-600 in this winter season. Could also be different clothing, or a different humidity/temperature etc.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s run that I discovered on the internet. The guy with nr 416 was the guy I tried to run towards to during the second loop. I didn’t make it all the way to him but he was a good target. I am #313.