A normal day in the office – and a 6km Season’s Best

A normal day in the office …

First a group photo with the Honeywell Aerospace Advanced Tech Group. This group started in 2006 and will soon celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. I joined in 2007 and I am leading one of its departments (about 50 people). From 1 person in 2006 to 150 people, located in Prague, Brno and Toulouse, in 10 years and still growing!

A couple of us posed for the photographer

After the picture taking I had to rush back to work, to the airport in fact, for ongoing flight testing.

Our “own” aircraft, the Dassault Falcon 900EX, parked at Brno airport
The Precision Guidance Team
The Precision Guidance Team
Avionics Bay
Avionics Bay

Today was just picture taking and talking to the team for me. Tomorrow I will fly … yay!

6km test

Doing a test week in the fall is a good thing, and I already did the “1 minute test”. What’s left is a 2k test and a 6k test.

Originally, my schedule called for another very useful steady state session, but today I decided to be a bad boy and ignore the training plan. 6km testing OTW has been a staple for me in September and October, so in the evening I sat down, did a warming up of 2k with a few bursts, plugged a few pace boats into RowPro and set off to row the 6000m.

6kmb 6kma

Workout Summary - Nov 11, 2015
Workout Details
01|00500|01:52.4|00500|01:52.4|246.5|26.7|147.7|166.0|10.0|09.2|ahead of PB schedule
02|01000|03:44.3|00500|01:51.9|250.0|26.8|169.7|172.0|10.0|09.3|2 seconds ahead of PB
03|01500|05:36.0|00500|01:51.7|250.8|26.8|173.6|176.0|10.0|09.3|3 seconds ahead of PB
08|04000|14:53.9|00500|01:50.7|258.0|28.2|183.8|184.0|09.6|09.2|4 seconds ahead of PB
09|04500|16:45.8|00500|01:51.8|250.2|27.9|184.0|185.0|09.6|09.0|3 seconds ahead of PB
10|05000|18:39.7|00500|01:53.9|236.8|27.9|183.0|184.0|09.4|08.5|2 seconds ahead of PB
11|05500|20:33.6|00500|01:53.9|236.7|28.4|183.0|184.0|09.3|08.3|2 seconds behind PB
12|06000|22:28.3|00500|01:54.7|231.9|28.8|181.7|183.0|09.1|08.1|9 seconds behind PB

Until 1500m to go I rowed at the edge of breaking my PB. But to break a PB, one needs to be fresher than I am after a long working day and having done 90 minutes of endurance work the day before. Perhaps I also need a bit more pace discipline.

This time a year ago, I did a slightly cowardly 23:00.0. Happy I can crank out a 1:52 pace 6k now.

The 2k will have to wait. I may row it on Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow I will travel to Toulouse, returning Friday late. On Saturday, I promised to run with the girls. It will be a reconnaissance run for an event that we will partake in on Tuesday. They will run the Ladies 5k. I will run the 10k. It’s a hilly run close to my home, and the girls should do it once to pace it.

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