A run in the sun

It was warm!

Romana and I drove to the rowing club with the plan to do an outing in the double. We arrived to see this:

prehrada 002

Dream conditions. However, the dock is missing. We are rowing on a reservoir and in the winter the water level is gradually lowered. We usually remove our big dock in the fall and replace it with a small dock for pairs, doubles and singles. Yesterday, we did the first step, but the second one wasn’t done.

Not a problem for me. On the close-up you can see the little “beach” area where you can wade in.
prehrada 001

Yes, you get very cold feet but it’s worth it … I wasn’t able to convince Romana to do so. She did a row in the erg room while I ran a 10k along the reservoir. I had too many clothes on so it was a very hot run. I sweated a lot.

Somehow, my Garmin Forerunner didn’t catch the GPS coordinates, which is very weird. It functioned normally, indicating distance, heart rate and pace during the run, but I wasn’t able to put the run on the map. Disappointing.


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